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An effective locksmith & key service will come to your aid when no one else could. With something like jammed locks or broken key extraction needs, only specialists can get the job done. The most natural choice in Lafayette, CO area is Elite Locksmith Services. We have an unbroken 10+ years of exemplary record of high client satisfaction. This is unmatched for our locality. Whenever you require locksmith & key service, think of us. We are workers who show prompt effectiveness in every project that we undertake. The service covers a broad range right from lock change, lock repair to programmable key replacement and magnetic lock installation.

Why do you need locksmiths and the service from experts?

In our day-to-day lives, we might face lock issues and at such times, nothing but an expert will do. If you call regular lock shop people or the hardware store, they might do irreparable damage to sophisticated mechanisms. The worst you can do is to consider this as a DIY job. Whenever you call us for nonworking locks or jammed keys, we provide damage free locksmith & key service. This means that nothing happens to the lock and it will operate seamlessly. Locksmith service from experts signifies zero damage, minimal expenses, and a complete peace of mind

Specialist for your locksmith needs

One cannot deny all the security benefits associated with the digital lock. Now what happens when the same highly sophisticated mechanisms starts malfunctioning? Your regular lock repair people will not be able to tackle the same. What you need in such situations is a locksmith & key service specialist. Elite Locksmith Services has experience in handling all kinds of locks that you come across in the market. As such, calling us makes perfect sense. With us you will enjoy:

  • Immediate response
  • Fast arrival
  • Quick tackling
  • Worry free results
  • Economical prices

Key cutting proficiency

We are highly proficient in offering 24x7 solutions as part of our locksmith & key service. Precision key cutting is our forte. Use of most effective tools signifies immediate results with key making done on-site and with aptness.

An overview of our servicesElite Locksmith Services Lafayette, CO 303-566-0906

  • Lock installation
  • Creation of new keys
  • Lock replacement, repairs
  • New lock advice
  • Creation of transponder keys
  • Missing key replication
  • Extracting broken keys

Do not let lock issues get the better of you. Call us for our top-notch locksmith & key service in Lafayette, CO area.