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Elite Locksmith Services has experience servicing the following businesses:

  • ApartmentsElite Locksmith Services Lafayette, CO 303-566-0906
  • Med-care centers
  • Restaurants/eateries/cafes
  • Banks/financial companies
  • Offices
  • Assisted Care Centers
  • Firms
  • Industries
  • Universities
  • Hotels 
  • Shopping complexes
  • Retail stores


We work with a lot of local businesses in Lafayette, CO area. We have been working together for years now and our clients love our services. Keypad locks are also famous amongst banks, they are many restricted areas in a bank and password protected doors is a good solution. Our clients know that we display the highest degree of professionalism and they recommend our services to all their family members and friends. In fact, most of our new commercial clients are made through client references and recommendations.

The breadth of knowledge possessed by our staff technicians makes them capable of taking on any lock & locksmith job. Combined with their on-the-job training, commercial locksmith service is just as straightforward for them as residential and automotive. We can protect your business from breach threats wherever they might appear, making it prohibitively difficult to gain access to your business offices without your permission.

Our commercial locksmith services include the following: 

  • 24 – hour emergency locksmith services
  • Commercial locksmith services
  • Lockout assistance
  • Commercial lock repairs
  • Push bars and magnetic locks installation and repair
  • Advanced locking solutions
  • Restricted keyway systems
  • High-security locks based on your needs
  • Installation of digital locks and keypad locks
  • Installation of file cabinet locks, deadbolts
  • Master key solutions
  • Keyless entry locks
  • Rekey existing locks
  • Locks change and repair
  • Locking solutions based on your needs

Through our work with hotels, restaurants, schools and other commercial interests, Elite Locksmith Services promotes the importance of high-security lock systems for large facilities, because of the layer of added control.

One of the more powerful methods of protection that our commercial clients use is the restricted lock. These unique keys can’t be copied, and so they provide you with the only means of entry into sensitive areas of your property. Restricted locks are perfect for businesses that only allow a handful of individuals into a certain area. You don’t run the risk of a previous employee trying to gain illegal entry into your property. Should you misplace these keys, the solution is easy and straightforward: we’ll be there quickly to restore function in mere minutes.

Master keys are common amongst our commercial clients. They provide a different level of access depending on your need. Depending on your need you can open only a single door, a group of doors or all doors with a single master key. It all depends on upon your requirement. You can only get duplicate copies if you are authorized to receive them. In addition to the master key system, consider adding our sub-master keys option. This allows you to have a tiered system of employee access, based on importance to your business. For example, in a hotel, the room cleaners might not need access to the roof area, whereas the repair-personnel would. In the event of key loss, we can rapidly restore access to any and all persons.

Another sought-after security method is installation of advanced locking systems, because of the robust nature of the security it offers. Advanced locking systems include a number of options – keyless entry locks, keypad locks, digital locks, magnetic locks etc. We’ve noticed more and more of our commercial clients seeking these options, which negate the ability of an employee to engage in unauthorized duplication of a physical key. These advanced methods make your business safer and less prone to any kind of theft.

So, if you are in Lafayette, CO and want to protect your business, call us today at 303-566-0906 and we will work out a lock & locksmith solution custom-made for your business.