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Lock rekey is a great way to save the existing mechanisms and make it work like new. It does away with the need for replacing your locks, thereby saving you loads of money. Elite Locksmith Services is your one stop solution provider for rekeying requirements. Replacement is always last on our list of things to do when it comes to dealing with:

  • Misplaced keys
  • Upgrade requirements
  • Lockout situation
  • Damaged locks
  • Worn out locks
  • Jammed locks
  • Old locks

Our rekey solutions have saved the day for thousands of clients through our 10+ year service period in Lafayette, CO. When it comes to upgrading the security of your home or office, this is the most economical way of going about things. Though rekey always seems like the more practical solution, we also offer the largest possible range of lock replacement options to our clients if the need arises.

Advantages of rekeying your locks:Elite Locksmith Services Lafayette, CO 303-566-0906

  • Restrict access for past tenants or employees
  • Secure the property you purchase
  • Save on the purchase of new locks
  • Keep your existing lock functional
  • Maintain control over access on premises
  • Bolster the security aspect

Should you rekey or replace your locks?

Many people are confused whether to repair the existing locks or go for replacements instead. While, we always recommend repair and rekey as compared to the purchase of new contraptions, sometimes, it is not possible to avoid this. For example, when the lock is too damaged or old for repair or rekeying work, we will install new ones instead. Similarly, if the client wishes expressly for lock updates completely different from the existing one, we will go for replacement. Other than that, our rekeying work will make it function as good as new every time.

Why do you need professional help?

Are you thinking of rekeying locks by yourself? You might have seen some DIY tutorials online and wanted to emulate the results. While this is understandable, no one is going to tell you the negatives associated with the same. Rekeying the lock is an extremely specialized job. You only require qualified people to get you the results you seek. Elite Locksmith Services has years of experience handling such projects for various clients. Trying it yourself can lead to irreparable damage to the lock or at worst you might end up hurting yourself. Jamming of the locks is also common.

Leave such things to people that know their job. Do not waste time. Call us, for the best results with lock rekeying